I am a visual researcher and writer living in Utrecht (The Netherlands). I was born and raised in Curaçao, studied Photography at the University of Arts Utrecht and am currently attending the master’s programme Critical Inquiry Lab (formerly known as Design Curating and Writing) at Design Academy Eindhoven. In my photographic work, I use my family’s complex trans-atlantic history as a starting point, focusing on the gaps that are found when familiar stories are translated, spread and re-told. In my research and writing, I’m drawn to what is gained (and loss) within repitition as well, with a particular focus on how representation, expression and authenticity are performed - especially on the internet. Overall, I pay attention to the systems through which stories are kept, told and retold, whilst focusing on themes such as identity and (self-)representation. I usually produce thoughts and ideas in image-led structures, artist publications, websites and/or other published text formats.

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